Sunshine Room

Within our Sunshine room, our main focus for activities is sensory play. Babies learn through the 5 senses, taste, touch, sight, smell and sound.
We believe it is important to stimulate children’s senses and develop this foundation milestone to create an environment to which our children can meet their fundamental milestones.

Popular activities to stimulate the senses are Gloop (a mixture of water and corn flour) this creates a mixture that children can both mould and pour. Babies use their fine motor skills by using containers and utensils. Staff can use colourings and smells to create a different experience every time.

Sunshine Room

The Sunshine room follows the Government guidelines within The Pre- Birth to Three, which focuses on the children’s Respect, Relationships, Rights and Responsive Care they receive.

Our ratio stipulates that we can welcome 6 babies into our room; this small number creates a beneficial experience for our babies and assists in creating the Home-From-Home environment we strive to achieve.

Our staff have created a welcome, safe and secure environment which enables our children to meet their overall development and well-being. Our children are our extended family.

Rainbow Room

Our Rainbow Room offers places for 15 children per day and our staff ratios are 1 member of staff per 5 children.

Although the children are free to explore all areas of the Rainbow Room there are 3 areas which the children particularly enjoy to spend time in.

The Construction Area

Our construction area allows our children time to explore various resources supporting their development, these skills include, fine motor, social, hand eye co-ordination, literacy and numeracy. Resources include, building blocks, Lego and jigsaws, magnets, duplo, stickle bricks, cars and train sets. This enables our children to explore their curiosity and imagination and also supports their need to build and create. Children enjoy spending time together in this area.

rainbow room

Our Role Play area

Our Role play area has been designed to encourage our children to explore role-play. Within this area, our children develop their independence, confidence and social skills as well as developing life skills. There is limited adult interaction within this area to encourage our children to play freely and explore areas within their imagination.
We regularly use 'real' fruit and vegetables to promote health and well-being and sensory play. Our belief is that children will learn more effectively from the use of natural, realistic resources from the home environment, additionally, this promotes activities that can be carried out at home.

Our Performance Area

Our Performance Area allows our children to stimulate their creative side. Children use a number of different musical instruments, puppets, dolls, dressing up clothes and hats to develop their confidence and social ability.
Staff encourage children to perform songtime and various role play within this area.
There are sensory bottles, shakers, materials, lights and a touch wall to stimulate our children's sensory development.

Songtime is carried out using our special 'song box' which contains toys relating to specific songs. For example a mouse for 'the mouse ran up the clock', and a horse for 'horsey, horsey' etc. Children enjoy choosing from the song box which develops their confidence and participation skills.

The Reflection Area

Our reflection area offers children the opportunity throughout their day to have some 'quiet time'. Our children enjoy spending time in the area and reading stories. We have a selection of soft cushions and toys and all our books are chosen by our children every week. We visit our local library to hire Story Sacks in which our children help to choose. These are on display for our staff to use with our children to make story time more interactive.

Our reflection area was developed through our children's interest in 'The Gruffalo' story. Staff developed the area to support our children's imagination and interest and our children continue to enjoy reading within the 'Forest'. This area also supports staff in carrying out 'one to one' time with our children, reading stories and catching up. Our children also enjoy 'song-time' and 'welcome time' within this area and staff continue to develop the area according to their interests.