We are delighted to announce that Lullaby Lane Nursery has won the Training and Development Award category in the Scottish NMT Nursery Awards 2016.

Lullaby Lane Nursery Manager Sarah Jane McKillop said: “We are delighted to receive recognition of our ongoing commitment to staff training and development. We have made a conscious decision to invest in our staff development with the understanding this will give the knowledge required to support and nurture the development and wellbeing of our children. Our commitment to Attachment Led practice has been reinforced by quality training from Early Years sector leaders, including Dr Suzanne Zeedyk a leading research scientist in child development.”

Winners of the Scottish NMT Nursery Awards 2016 were presented with their trophies by Edward Reid at the high profile Gala Night held on Friday 2nd September at the Glasgow Hilton Hotel, attended by 400 guests.

Judges Reasons for Lullaby Lane Nursery

The judges chose Lullaby Lane because every nursery demonstrated high levels of training & development. The winner stood out as taking training & development to the next level. They had an innovative approach to learning and within their setting they used bespoke training that enhanced and raised attainment in their nursery. Above all this created setting where children had fun and gave staff confidence for the setting to go above and beyond.

About the Awards

Scottish NMT Nursery Awards 2016 is an annual event organised by Nursery Management Today, the leading business publication in the nursery sector and sponsored by key companies providing services in the sector. The Awards are designed to discover and reward the very best people in the Scottish Nursery Sector. There were 11 categories to enter overall and there were four or five finalists in each category with two independent judges.